I See Better Men in Your Future...

Every woman deserves to feel loved and you are NO different!

Learn how to love yourself, build confidence, and get the love life you deserve with this 8-session online course

What if I told you attracting the man you want/deserve:

... has nothing to do with what he wants.

...has nothing to do with his type.

Nothing to do with his approach and how?


It has everything to do with you.

Since I was in high school, I couldn’t get a guy to wife me to save my life! I’m not even talking about a wedding ring, I’m just talking about a title. I just wanted to be a girlfriend at that point. I wanted a guy to profess that he wanted me and only me and be proud. I wanted some respeck on my name!

But every guy that I dated “didn’t want anything serious” or he wanted to “take his time and see where it goes”. Sir, ain’t nobody got time for that! So a cycle developed in my life.

- I would meet a guy, find one I really liked and fall back from the others.

- We’d talk for 1-4 weeks and then I’d feel them losing interest. I’d ask them what’s wrong and they’d say “nothing just a lot on my mind”.

- They’d fall back, and I’d stop trying and we’d be no more. I’d just be left wondering what I did wrong to make him stop liking me then the cycle would continue.

This cycle continued until I was about 28. Over a freaking decade! Then I reached a point that I had to figure it out. I had to ask real questions.

Why didn’t the guys I want, want me back?! Why didn’t anyone think I was good enough to be their girlfriend? Why was I attracting the same guy over and over? Why was I only ending up in dysfunctional relationships that ended badly? Was there actually something wrong with me?

I soon realized that the answer to all of these questions surrounded 1 thing...how I saw myself.


Why didn’t the guys I want, want me back?!

Will he call me after sex? 

Why didn’t anyone think I was good enough to be their girlfriend? 

Why was I attracting the same guy over and over? 

Why was I only ending up in dysfunctional relationships that ended badly? 

Was there actually something wrong with me?

I soon realized that the answer to all of these questions surrounded 1 thing...


Self-Worth Bootcamp is an online course that will help you value yourself. In order to attract better men as well as create a better life, you must look within. You can’t always change your circumstances but you can change how you view yourself within your circumstances. This all begins with increasing your self-worth. It seems to be such a cliche term but once you begin to value yourself unconditionally, so will everyone around you. Feeling worthy will lead you to a better life filled with peace, clarity, and happiness. All you need is a willingness to make slight changes for huge results. Are you ready to increase your worth?! 

This 8-section course (price: $497) uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy along with Positive Psychology tools to build self-confidence, develop a positive body image, and increase your chances at better relationships.  Move at your own pace and track your progress with the accompanying workbook guiding you on how to incorporate the steps in your everyday life. 

At the end of this course, you will:

They've been there too..

Working with Ashleigh has taught me most about my decision making and how I see myself. She has helped point out behaviors and patterns that I've (clearly) missed on my own that I now know how to safely address. And she keeps it real!

People talk about wanting self worth but putting in the work to be better is a whole different ballgame, and with her tools, help, experience and guidance, it feels like I don't have to stay in the past of who I used to be anymore.
Ashleigh is an incredible spiritual leader. God places certain souls around you strategically and always on time. Ashleigh came into my life right when I needed her aand with her spiritual guidance I feel SO much closer to my faith and confident enough to share it with the world.

If you're on a journey alone and need someone to back you up TAKE.THIS.COURSE!
Olivia F.
Ever Since I’ve meet Ashleigh Guice, I knew it was God sent. From the time of talking to her I was at the end of even trying. I had already confirmed that the way my life was set up at that present moment, was exactly how It would be. I had no clue about self- worth, how to build it, or where to find it.

Not only have I been in the road to healing, I’m also discovering, believing, and becoming a new me I never thought even existed... I thank God so much for Ashleigh. She is patient, kind, and has the wisdom needed for young women striving to become a better a better version of themselves... I can’t wait to reveal my transformation; spiritually, mentally & physically.
Chanterika P.

8 Weeks to A Better You

Are you ready?

Section #1:

Why this course?  Yes, there are other online courses about self-improvement.  Here we’ll discuss how Self-Worth Bootcamp is different and why it works. 

Section #2:

What is self-worth?  We’ll review what it means and its importance for success – at home, at the workplace, and among friends. 

Section #3: 

Symptoms of low self-worth Understand all of the signs of a person with low worth and the effects it has on one’s life 

Section #4:

What are your triggers?  Next we’ll turn to you and what causes you to feel down and low about yourself

Section #5:

Confront what’s making you feel worthless  Before we can fix the issue(s), we must identify the things that make you feel the way you do

Section #6:

Mindfulness First we’ll review what this meditation practice is and then make it part of your daily routine

Section #7:

Values We’ll create inspirational, unbreakable principles to live by everyday

Section #8:

How to implement this program  Finally, I’ll provide actionable ways to take the tools taught in this course and use them in everyday situations

By the end of the bootcamp, you will be able to test the proven strategies in your real-life and use the workbook to continuously improve and keep building your self-esteem.


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1 Payment
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About Ashleigh

Founder of Single Woman Chonicles and Self-Worth Bootcamp

Ashleigh Guice is an author, blogger, life coach, and speaker.  As creator of SingleWomanChronicles.com, Ashleigh teaches women that being single is a beautiful choice rather than a miserable circumstance.  

She is the author of How to X Your Ex and the fiction novel, Single Woman Chronicles: An Atlanta Love Story…Kinda.  Earning a Masters in Positive Psychology, Ashleigh is determined to help women feel worthy and spread worth worldwide.  She resides in Atlanta Georgia.  

Lucille Ball said it best with this self-love quote:

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

There’s never a better time to begin your transformation journey than TODAY!

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