a self-worth program for schools

We aim to educate and equip young women with the tools to develop and maintain unbreakable self-worth.

what we do

advocating for a better future

We offer a self-esteem boot camp for young women in high school facing life as a teenager in the 20th century. 

Typically, a much different life than their parents experienced with the rise of social media, the pandemic, and the progression of life itself. Our curriculum includes learning how first to define self-worth and the things that trigger low self-esteem. Not only do we educate, but we also address the triggers and mindfulness that push students to make positive lifestyle changes towards positive self-worth.

“Self-Awareness is the beginning of breakthrough”

what is self-worth?

Self-Worth is one aspect of self-esteem. It is the attitude or feeling of being “good enough” or having a sense of worthiness when evaluating oneself.

We work with schools to help young women achieve:

the program


The pandemic exposed the need for mental health awareness for students. Increased incidence of mental health problems including stress-related disorders, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse have been described in adolescents since the pandemic (Fegert J.M., Vitiello B., Plener P.L., Clemens V., 2019).

The emergence of social media has played a critical role in self-esteem. Research has proven that constant exposure to social media has a negative impact on self-esteem (Vogel, E. A., Rose, J. P., Roberts, L. R., & Eckles, K., 2014). If given the tools to combat the negative effects of social media on self-esteem, students will have improved well-being.

SWBC is here to make a difference in our youth.


Ashleigh Guice is an author, speaker, and trained life coach. Growing up without her father presented several mental and emotional hurdles Ashleigh was determined to overcome.

After being knocked down by Abandonment Issues and a lack of self-worth, she decided enough was enough and began to pursue a Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology. Upon graduation, she took her degree and created Self-Worth Bootcamp in order to solve the issue of low self-worth and help young women everywhere feel worthy of becoming and receiving the very best.

She resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and hopes to continue to spread worth worldwide.